Our charming property’s modern day name, “The Churches”,  is testament to its rich religious history dating back to the early 1900s.

The site was purchased from the Crown in 1913 by three local men - a school teacher, storekeeper and builder- for eight pounds and ten shillings for the purpose of building a Presbyterian church.

Once built it was used as a school house while the construction of the Orrvale Primary School, on its present site on  Channel Rd was completed.

It remained the property of the three local men until 1980 when the Uniting Church of Australia Property Trust took possession. The building has also been used by local families and community groups for weddings, as a Brownie/Scout Hall and community gatherings.

A neighbour then purchased the property in 1986 when it ceased to operate as a place of worship. Its last use by this owner was as a rented space for practice by a local band, with a curfew of 10 pm.

It wasn’t until 1998 that the property was bought with renovation and private use in mind. The owner was a builder and committed to restoring the original church, and at the same time rescued another.

The original Orrvale Presbyterian Church is now a beautifully appointed three bedroom accommodation called “The Churches”.

The renovation has managed to fuse many of its historical features with all the modern, contemporary facilities holiday makers would want.

The lovely rural tree-lined property is now home to the original church and a second Methodist church building also historic to the Shepparton area. 

A history of the Churches compiled by local resident Isabel Pearce in 1979